NO/Lo Alcohol Beer Case

No / Lo Alcohol Beer collection

Product Description

Whether you are reducing your alcohol altogether or just want a few non alcohol days  a week, you still want to make sure the flavour is there and you're not compromising on experience. 

It's taken us a long time to launch a No/Lo Alcohol case as we wanted to make sure they were beers we were happy to drink too. 

We've selected 4 of our favourites and packed 3 of each into a 12 pack case which is perfect for you or as a gift. 

We will be adding to the range throughout summer. 

For now, each case contains 3 of the following 0.5% beers, all in 330ml bottles

Thornbridge Zero Five Pale - A very balanced citrussy pale ale which has a hint of orange peel

Thornbridge Little Porter- Dark, indulgent, creamy milk stout

West Berkshire Brewery- Solo. a tropical pale ale

West Berkshire Brewery Solo Pilsner Lager


Each case is delivered in a Best of British Beer branded box

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Additional Information

Bottle Size 330ml
Beer Style Mixed
Bottle Conditioned No
Strength ( ABV) No
Brewery Location England
Gluten Free or Vegetarian? No
Beer Colour Mixed