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Zoom Bar: Beer Tasting at home

Virtual Beer Tasting

Missing your regular session down the pub or are you just fed up of missing too many get togethers? 

Holding your own virtual beer festival is a great excuse to catch up and have a few beers with friends and with Zoom Bar- our new beer tasting product it's really easy to set up. Virtually no organising at all. 

in just a few simple steps you could have it all done and all you need to do is choose the date. 

1. Purchase as many Zoom Bar cases as you need

2. Download the spreadsheet and fill in the names and addresses 

3. Send it to with the order number

4. We'll send the beers out within 1 working day or choose your own date if you don't trust your fellow zoomers to have any restraint! 

5. All the cases will then have the same contents


So what else do you need for a virtual beer tasting? 

Well, you're going to be on the call for quite a while, so we think some snacks and some entertainment is a must. Your Zoom Bar will include a pub quiz, snack, bottle opener, beer mats and a glass for that complete Pub at Home experience but you might need more snacks to keep you going. 

We'd recommend some sort of scoring system to get people talking about what they can smell and taste, which of their beers are their favourites etc. 

At a beer festival, the judges rate each beer on its:


Is the beer clear? Is it meant to be? Lots of beers have a lovely haze now as they're unfiltered

Is the colour true to description?

A good thick head?



Gently swirl in glass and take a good sniff. Is there a pleasant aroma?

What can you smell?


Savour the flavour! Can you taste fruit, floral or biscuit notes?



Pleasant lingering aftertaste? Developing in the back of your mouth?


Would you consider changing your usual beer to this?

Give your beer a score out of 10 and we'd love your feedback on which beers came out tops.

Ultimately, the best thing about a beer tasting and why it's so superior to wine tasting, is the fact you need to swallow beer to appreciate its many flavours.