What sort of Beer Gift can I buy?

What sort of Beer Gift can I buy?

Are you eager to get your loved one to try new and exciting things? Is your husband, dad or boyfriend stuck in his ways, always drinking the same thing night after night?

Does the huge array of beers available leave you mystified? Do you end up leaving the supermarket disappointed with a case of beers from a major national brewer?

Do you know what to consider when buying a unique gift such as beer? Well read on and let Best of British Beer help you with your decisions. We are a one stop online shop to help you choose some of the best beers in the country. We can help you find alternatives to your loved one’s favourite beers that will he will really appreciate and more importantly, enjoy.

If he is a Fuller’s London Pride, Sharps Doom bar or Marston’s Pedigree drinker, look for beers that focus on malty flavours such as our Monty’s Old Jailhouse and Cheddar Ales Gorge Best. You can get a chosen selection of these with our traditional bitters mixed case.

If he drinks Old Speckled Hen, Hobgoblin or Bishops Finger he might like our strong beer box; with nothing under 5%, they pack a real punch of full-on flavours. Darker beers tend to have a stronger flavour so look for descriptions that include words such as ‘roasted’ ‘full-bodied’ and ‘rich’.

We also have a huge selection for those who like a lighter, hoppier beer such as Castle Rock Harvest Pale, Badger Fursty Ferret or Marstons EPA. Generally lower in abv and packing more fruity flavours, these beers are becoming ever more popular. Our pale mixed case provides some of the best examples of these available from our leading microbrewers and will offer something that you wouldn't normally find on the high street. Look for descriptions of ‘blonde’, ‘citrus’ and ‘floral’.

If all of this has left you even more confused you can always just call us on 0845 475 8332 to discuss what beers might suit your loved one best!