We never put a good bottle of beer down

Will has a pile of bottles he calls the Battersea Beer home. If a bottle gets a bit messy or arrives with no label it gets put aside and eventually we get round to drinking it or more likely, give it away. The boys in packing are the usual beneficiaries so Keiran can sometimes be found scratching the label off a Citra!
I've decided I'm going to start cooking with them and thought I would share my results here. If you ever feel inspired to try and give a poorly beer a new home, give us a shout and you can have what we've got going spare.
Didn't really fancy a casserole on a tuesday night, so I decided to try a Rose Prince's Cheese and ale scones from last weekend's Telegraph.
As you can see below, they worked a treat. I used Staffordshire Hoppy bitter and I think next time would use something a little darker.
Also, my baking powder was 2 years out of date. I just added in an extra teaspoon and it was fine.

Will isn't a great fan of my baking so to try and tempt him, I made his favourite supper.  It probably doesn't look too appetizing from the picture below but it is so easy and very tasty.
I've adapted it from a Hugh F W recipe and it's so flexible you can basically use whatever you have to hand. The only requirements are a tin of chopped toms and some eggs. Anything else is your own choice.Last night I used peppers, chorizo ( sausages from M&S. I'm a bit wary of normal Chorizo at the moment and think it's going to be the next scandal) and butter beans.
1. Take some naughty hens ( ours escape daily and hide their eggs in the garden)
2. Find their eggs under a bush
3. Fry some peppers/onions/chorizo etc
4. Add some smoked paprika
5. Tin of good chopped tomatoes
6. Pinch of salt and sugar and cook the tomatoes out a bit
7. Make 4 little wells to crack an egg in and then pop in the oven for 10 minutes.
Serve with crusty bread or the cheese and ale scones.
If I'm completely honest, I think it works better with bread. You can dip into the lovely runny yolks easier.
I had mine with the leftover Staffordshire hoppy and it worked a treat.
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