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Vegetarian Craft Beer and Food

Craft beer and food

With it being National Vegetarian Awareness Week we’ve put together some recipes that combine both vegetarian craft beer and food! National Vegetarian Week 2018 runs from 14th-20th May and it’s all about eating delightful and exciting veggie food. We understand how difficult it can be to keep being meat-free interesting so we hope the mouth-watering recipes below will tantalise your taste buds.

You wouldn’t think that craft beer and food are terms that go hand in hand, well we beg to differ, and we’re challenging you to think outside the box or the bottle. When you think beer, the word ‘healthy’ doesn’t exactly spring to mind…you usually imagine a big ol’ beer belly! But research shows that cooking with beer has a number of health benefits! Most of the minerals and fibre in beer tend to cling on when you cook with it and you don’t need to worry about feeling wobbly after a beer-infused dish as most of the alcohol is cooked off.

But back to my original point— meat-free cooking doesn’t have to be intimidating! You might not know your aubergine from your courgette but throw it all together and I’m sure you can create a delicious meat-free dish. Cooking for friends this weekend? Want to make vegetarianism appealing to all? Then try out our dinner party proposal below and don’t forget to get the beers in to enhance the experience.

Entrée: Cheese and Ale Soup

craft beer and food

Throwing some beer in a pan, melting a chunk of mild cheddar and calling it soup doesn’t sound like the healthiest option. But stop! This recipe uses low-fat ingredients such as; skimmed milk, low-fat cheese and boundless amounts of vegetables. If you're feeling adventurous why not serve this dish with whole wheat beer bread for an extra tangy and rich flavoured starter. Check out the full recipe on!

Top tip! To make this dish extra special why not choose a fruit flavoured pale ale to add a bit of zest to the soup. We suggest The Crafty Brewery Company’s Pale Ale ‘The Crafty One’!

Main Course: Chipotle and Chocolate Vegan-Chilli

craft beer and food

This recipe flings together so many contrasting flavours and yet they all seem to complement one another in order to produce a well-rounded example of craft beer and food. Chuck in some chilli powder, vegan sausages, espresso powder, an array of beans and that ever important chocolate stout craft beer to create an appetising and memorable main. But of course, I’m not a cooking connoisseur so I’m probably oversimplifying! Check out the full recipe on What Would Cathy Eat?

Top tip! We’d suggest Weal Ale Brewery’s ‘Centwealial Milk Stout’, known for its rich chocolatey finish. But if you find this chilli too bitter then feel free to swap out the dark beer for a lighter one.

Dessert: Beer Tiramisu ‘Beeramisu’

craft beer and food

You might already be full by this point, but let’s face it, there’s always room for dessert! Craft beer lovers can jump for joy over this twist on a pudding classic. For best results buy yourself a smooth coffee porter and pair it with a high-quality dark chocolate. Don’t forget to sprinkle with chocolate after refrigeration; we wouldn’t want you to miss out on some chocolatey goodness! Check out the full recipe on BBC Good Food.

Top tip! This recipe is quick to throw together but make sure you chill the Beeramisu overnight to avoid disaster. For a perfect taste we’d choose Gloucester Brewery’s ‘Dockside Dark’ which produces a wonderful coffee aroma.

If you really aren’t fussed about keeping it veggie friendly then we know exactly what brews to pair with each recipe. For your entrée add a citrusy undertone with Mobberley Brewhouse’s 'Boom Juice'. The star performer in the main would have to be Titanic Brewery’s 'Chocolate and Vanilla Stout', a brew which is sweetened by its chocolate undertones. To create a spectacular twist on the Beeramisu add Stonehouse Brewery’s 'Guatemalan Coffee and Vanilla Ballast Porter' for a smooth and rich finish.

But again I’m off topic. If you’ve ever been tempted to give meat the silent treatment; then why not get involved this National Vegetarian Awareness Week? Inspired by the menu above? At Best of British Beer we have a number of vegan and vegetarian beers available to buy online. Try something unique by uniting craft beer and food this week!

*The recipes above can be adapted to be gluten free friendly*

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