The Party Seven's Over

My first ‘proper’ encounter with beer was getting blotto on Worthington E with my friends in our local ‘schoolboy friendly’ hostelry some 35 years ago. While this particular brew and other contemporaries have long since disappeared from my consciousness, they must still hold a place in some people’s hearts.

We regularly check our website’s ‘Search’ facility to see which beers our customers are looking for. We obviously get a huge amount of interest in the best sellers e.g. Salopian Brewery, Cheddar Ales and George Wright, but now and again we get people looking for some real old school classics.

In addition to searches for ‘Worthys’, people have been looking to buy Breaker Malt Liquor, Ind Coope’s Long Life and Colt 45 from our site. I’m not quite sure about the motivation of buying beer that was popular when David Cameron was in short trousers, but I guess in some parallel universe, they are planning one hell of a party with lashings of Cherry B for the ladies and wall to wall Twiglets.

While our stocks of these beers are obviously non-existent, I will need to seek advice from my elders so I can redirect our customers to a modern day equivalent, if indeed there is a modern day equivalent for a Watney’s Party 7 !

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