Siren Craft Brew: Visit to Tap Yard

Siren Craft tap YardArriving at Siren Craft Tap Yard on Saturday, you get a little buzz of excitement that you just don't get walking into a pub. I don't know if it's because it's where the beer is brewed or the fact you're on an industrial estate on a Saturday morning and that's not usually where you're to be found drinking. More likely it's just because everyone else is a little buzzed up and excited about what beery delights they're going to find.

Add to that the sunshine, the street food vans, the live music and I was busy googling house prices in Finchampstead. It'd be a bit of a commute back to work so I just made do with filling the van full of their freshly canned beer.

I started off with Calypso, the dry hopped sour, which livened up the taste buds. It was tart, sherbetty and as lip puckering as I expected it to be.

There was a steady stream of people coming in and we timed it just right because an hour later they were queuing out the door.

There are plenty of tables and seats but a handy grassy area too.There were families with picnic blankets spread on the grass, lounging under the trees. You could see with the number of cars and taxis turning up that this isn't the sort of place you just stumble past. All will have passed several beer gardens on the way. This is a destination venue. If so many people are making a special effort to get this beer you just know the beers going to be pretty special too.

If you haven't had a chance to sample them yet, we've got a mixed case of Siren Brew Craft beers for just £29.50

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