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  • The Party Seven's Over

    My first ‘proper’ encounter with beer was getting blotto on Worthington E with my friends in our local ‘schoolboy friendly’ hostelry some 35 years ago. While this particular brew and other contemporaries have long since disappeared from my consciousness, they must still hold a place in some people’s hearts.
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  • Cupid's bow or poisoned arrow?

    I hope my wife doesn’t read this as I’m not sure she is exempt from criticism, but speaking as a bloke who has received a fair number of Valentines gifts over the years*, I feel I must complain about the overall standard of tokens of affection I’ve been given. At this point I should make it clear that I’ve never been a huge fan of ‘expected spontaneity’ and I usually don’t bother with such things, indeed, I consider myself an incurable romantic 24/7.
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  • A glass above the rest

    Having just got back from a City Break in Budapest, I feel a little bit cheated about my overall experience. While it may be a little unfair to compare Budapest with other popular European destinations, the local brewing industry cannot hold a candle to the likes of Amsterdam, Prague and Berlin.
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  • The Bitter End?

    Despite the drop in temperature over the last few days, we still seem to have a huge amount of slugs in our garden – easily enough for a large family of hungry hedgehogs to consider it an ‘all you can eat buffet’. While our closest relatives in the animal kingdom might be chimpanzees, we do share a few traits with the common or garden slug; one of these is a fondness for a glass of beer.
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