Monthly Beer Club May 2016

Recently we were featured as part of an article in The Independent, which took a look at some of the best beer clubs available in the UK. Here at Best of British Beer we pride ourselves on the quality of the products we supply, but also the range of beers we have in stock. Our beer club cases are packed with beers that are bursting with flavour from breweries across the length of Great Britain. If they’re making tasty beers, you can bet that we’ll find them. In fact, we thoroughly enjoy working with smaller, relatively new breweries just as much as the established award winners. As a result, we get some cracking beers that you will struggle to find anywhere else. You can therefore imagine our delight when out of all twelve subscriptions, The Independent said that ours was “the most unique selection of all the boxes.” Cheers to that!

So, which breweries have made it into this month’s case? We’re happy to feature one of London’s coolest brewers, CRATE. Since they began brewing in July 2012, CRATE has become one of the busiest and most enviable craft beer bars in the UK. They’re brilliant location reflects their stylish approach to brewing, situated canal side in Hackney Wick in a converted print works. They have a bar and restaurant serving their full range of beers along with their now famous pizzas. We've chosen their Golden ale this time, whose sweetness makes it perfect for pairing with their new mango and dal pizza.

We also have Fyne Ales from Argyll, who produce outstanding craft beer from a brewery with provenance and integrity. All their beers are built on the British Cask Ale tradition; Britain’s contribution to the global beer culture. This is a method that allows them to pack large amounts of flavour into relatively low alcohol beers. With more CAMRA, SIBA and International Beer Challenge awards than we can count, we were hard pressed to choose just one beer to include. Eventually we chose one of their most special beers, Jarl. Named after a Viking nobleman, this pioneering Scottish brew packs an impressive citrus punch despite a relatively low ABV of 3.8%.   

Our favourite beer name from this month’s selection comes from the Wincle Beer Company, who have created a golden ale named “Wibbly Wallaby.” Try saying that after a beer or two!

Don’t forget that Father’s Day is fast approaching. (19th June for those who aren't great with dates.) We have some fantastic products that would make the perfect gift, from our hand curated cases to the brilliant products our new personalised gift site. You’ll struggle to find something you don’t like. After all, The Independent also said that: “Best of British Beer’s selection and service make it ideal for gifts.” Click the links below to take a look!

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