May 2015 Pub Quiz

Best of British Beer Pub Quiz

Pub Quiz

1) From which planet do the Daleks come

2) Whose TV stunts included Russian Roulette and a Seance

3) What is the largest Gothic cathedral in Britain

4) What nationality was the composer Edvard Greig

5) By what name are twins Charlie and Craig Reid collectively known

6) What is the French blue cheese that’s aged in the Mont Combalou caves

7) Gosforth, Jesmond and Walker are suburbs of which English city

8) Which 1980s computer game featured the ghosts Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde

9) What would a Scotsman do with a Clapshot – eat it, play it, wear it or fight with it

10) Which common British bird has the scientific name Turdus Merula

11) What’s the maximum number of characters allowed in a single Twitter ‘tweet’

12) Salopian, Stonehouse and Hobson’s breweries are all in which county

13) Which act last won Eurovision for Britain in 1997

14) Tony Blair first became Prime Minister in which year

15) Oisin Tymon was assaulted in a Yorkshire hotel by whom

16) Beamer, Googly and Chinaman are terms used in which sport

17) Fat Boy, Electra Glide and Night Rod are all types of which machine

18) What is the first line of Psalm 23?

19) Who succeeded Richard Whiteley as host of Channel 4’s Countdown in 2005

20) Who won the coveted ‘Album of the Year’ title at The Brits 2015


1)        Skaro

2)        Derren Brown

3)         York Minster

4)         Norwegian

5)         The Proclaimers

6)         Roquefort

7)         Newcastle upon Tyne

8)         Pacman

9)         Eat it

10)    Blackbird

11)    140

12)    Shropshire

13)    Katrina and The Waves

14)    1977

15)    Jeremy Clarkson

16)    Cricket

17)    Harley Davison Motorbikes

18)    The Lord is my shepherd

19)    Desmond Lynam

20)    Ed Sheeran


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