February Monthly Beer Club Contents

Beer Club Members – February 2014

We’ve covered quite a few metaphorical beer miles this month with bottles from all parts of the British Isles, from Western Scotland to the Isle of Wight and from Cornwall to Norfolk.

We’re delighted to welcome a whole load of new breweries this month with some very exciting brews. We’re particularly impressed with The Flipside Brewery from Nottingham and their excellent Copper Penny – a cracking bottle conditioned Best Bitter.

Another brewery partner that is new to us for 2014 is Panther from last year’s City of Ale -Norwich. We’ve already featured their Red Panther in our Award Winners selection and this proved very popular over the winter months. Head Brewer Martin James has scooped a large amount of SIBA awards and we’re delighted to feature his beers in your club.

A name familiar to many of our customers is Titanic Brewery in Stoke on Trent. While we would hate to be accused of showing favouritism to our most local brewery partner, we’re sure you will absolutely love their Plum Porter. It’s such a shame that they only bottle this wonderful dark beer once a year, so we always make sure we get our mitts on a pallet as soon as it becomes available. A winner of multiple CAMRA awards, we think this beer is the only one of its kind – very moreish and very plummy.

We always try and feature a variety of flavours and styles in our monthly beer club and we’re always on the lookout for new breweries to work with. Our current total stands around the 250 mark, so with around 1,000 other microbreweries to go at, we’d love your help.

Please get in touch with us if you have particularly enjoyed any of the beers you’ve received from us or let us know if you think we should be featuring your local brewery. Please join the debate on Twitter, Facebook or contact me will@bestofbritrishbeer.co.uk


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