Bottled Beers

Easy to carry beery summer-essentials. Because not everyone has a wheelbarrow!

The season of open-air concerts, camping, BBQ’s and festivals is upon us. Plans to spend long weekends in a field soaking up the atmosphere and sunshine (If you’re lucky), listening to music and watching live bands or socialising at BBQ’s with friends means you will already be thinking about what you need to take along with you.

Best of British checklist

  • Tent
  • Clean clothes
  • Food essentials
  • BEER!

At Best of British Beer we know how difficult it is to carry essential items from the car to a field, and since most people don’t have a wheel barrow on hand, we’ve put together our summer essentials line up- easy to carry products and a great variety to choose from that will suit everyone’s tastes.

First up- The Pail of Ales.

A retro inspired ice bucket and 5 craft beers, with a couple of bags of popcorn to satisfy when the nibbles take hold. Perfect for summer days and BBQ’s and super easy to carry!





Is there a DR in the house? Then pass me the Thirst Aid box!

6 Bottles of craft beer in a handy carry case that creates a great talking point between friends. Comprising of 2 pale ales, 2 golden beers and 2 best bitters – all perfect for quenching your thirst in the summer heat.




The Thirst Aid box was so popular we just had to make a Rustic Cider Crate!


6 bottles of quality British pressed cider in a mix of dry, medium or sweet – and if you prefer one or the other just tell us and we can vary the contents! Another great carry case that can be carried about with ease.



No half measures here- the Best of British Yard of Ale 8 cans of craft beer in a straight tube that could fit perfectly under your arm whilst you carry your bags! An alternative to a great beery classic as craft beer cans are becoming increasingly popular this season.




Lager has always been a boozy favourite, and whilst there is currently a great range of Best of British lager, this is one of our favourites for the summer season.

The Craft Lager case comprises 500 and 330ml bottles of top-quality and hard to find lager and Pilsner from various British breweries. Definitely one to satisfy all preferences. Our sturdy branded cardboard boxes make this easy to carry with no fear of dropping.




And finally- the Best of British Beer Festival Box is a festival of craft delights and a really great way to try some unusual beers from those hard to find breweries. 18 bottles and a pub quiz will keep you entertained through the evening when the music has stopped and the beer is still flowing!




So whatever your preference this summer- we have you covered.

Best of British Tip- Check your tent for holes before your weekend away!


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