Corporate Beer Gifts

Sending beer as a corporate gift is a growing part of our business.

It’s an important thing to get right. You want to make sure the client is wowed and you definitely want staff to feel rewarded and that you’ve put a lot of thought into the gift.

Googling "Corporate Gifts" and particularly "corporate gifts for men" brought up a stack of pens, calendars and cufflink sets. I guess if you’re on this page you’ve already decided to be more imaginative.

Why send beer as a corporate gift?

Other than supporting new and traditional British craftmanship; the traditional image of beer, real ale and cider has gone and has been replaced by a much cooler one, and higher quality reputation. Beer is the most popular drink in Britain and enjoyed by lots of people from CEO’s to students (we’ve even sent some to the Royal Family). It is highly likely that your intended recipient is going to love it.

According to Amex, alcohol is in the top 3 of most popular gifts to receive. After a long day at work, the prospect of a beer is a very appealing one indeed.

To make your choice a bit easier, we’ve put together some top tips and ideas for the perfect corporate gift.

Consider Quality

Beer Gifts under £30

Whatever you send, make sure it is best in class. Beer allows you to do this without blowing the budget. You can send 3 award winning beers and a glass for less than an average bottle of fizz.

Your Audience

Clearly, a male dominated workforce is an obvious match and we supply lots of companies in industries such as construction, however, with its very cool image I’d say we probably supply more to digital and media companies than any other kind. Beer is a unique mix of appealing to the traditional market and the early adopters. You just need to choose the right product. More of that later.

Gift Cards.

Always, always, hand-written notes of thanks. It’s become even more important in the digital age. We include free handwritten gift cards with every order. If you’re not using us, make sure whoever you do use does this for you. It’s the right impression to make.

The card we use is shown in the 3 pack above.

Consider Packaging

Crate of beer from under £40

Plain, branded, unique?

You know the recipient. What will be important to them? Will they want all the budget spent on the beer or are they a sucker for good design and want something a little different?

All of our hand-picked cases arrive in Best of British Beer branded cardboard boxes. However, you can upgrade this to have it delivered in a rustic wooden crate or if you’re feeling festive and want to really make a statement what about the advent calendar or the 12 beers of Christmas. Both are exclusive to us.

Personalised Beer?

If you want to use the corporate gift as a way to promote your brand or message what better way than putting it on a bottle. It’s a lot more cost effective than you think. You provide the artwork or the logo and we’ll create the label for the beer of your choice.

Click here for more info on spec and images.


This is just a few tips on what to consider. We have a lot of experience at designing corporate and bespoke beer gifts. Just give us a call with your budget and give us an idea of who the recipient is and we’ll be happy to make some suggestions.

Our most popular items for corporate gifts and details on bulk discounts are shown here.

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