Cooking with Beer

People have been cooking with beer for centuries and with good reason too. There are lots of benefits of doing so & it's not just because of the wide range of flavours.

One of the best benefits is finishing the bottle while you slave over a hot stove.

Other benefits of cooking with beer:

- the enzymes in beer tenderise the meat so it makes a great marinade

- the wide range of styles means it can be used in delicate fish dishes, robust gamey stews and puddings

- the carbonation in beer adds lightness to batters and bread

- you can compliment the dish by using the same beer to drink alongside it.

We regularly cook with beer and have produced a box of 6 beers that are ideal for using in some wintry recipes. There are 3 recipes included in the box and each take less than a bottle to produce. The other bottle can be drunk with the meal.

The recipes are:

Beer Bread ( which can be on the table in 40 minutes)

Beef & Ale Stew

Chocolate Ale Cake ( Thanks to Tom Kerridge for that recipe)

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