cooking with beer

  • Farewell to the British Summer May 6th – May 9TH 2016.

    We’re kidding of course. Summer is just getting started and we have it on good authority that it’s going to be a scorcher this year. With hot weather on the way, it’s time to get the drinks in so they can be chilling in the fridge ready for when the clouds finally break.
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  • Cooking with Beer

    People have been cooking with beer for centuries and with good reason too. There are lots of benefits of doing so & it's not just because of the wide range of flavours. We regularly cook with beer and have produced a box of 6 beers that are ideal for using in some wintry recipes. There are 3 recipes included in the box and each take less than a bottle to produce. The other bottle can be drunk with the meal.
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  • We never put a good bottle of beer down

    Will has a pile of bottles he calls the Battersea Beer home. If a bottle gets a bit messy or arrives with no label it gets put aside and eventually we get round to drinking it or more likely, give it away. The boys in packing are the usual beneficiaries so Keiran can sometimes be found scratching the label off a Citra!
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