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A Craft Beer for the Royal Wedding

craft beer Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce their engagement.
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May 19th is a huge day for everyone; it’s a day to have a craft beer or two and watch on in awe, hoping to celebrate— it’s the FA cup final! But no, this isn’t what I’m referring to of course. We’ve been blessed with another royal wedding!

Royal fans with a taste for British beer will be able to celebrate Prince Harry and fiancée Meghan Markle's wedding day with a special pale ale brewed in Windsor where the couple get married in just one week’s time. The couple are due to wed on May 19th at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle and the ceremony is billed to be much more intimate than Prince William’s wedding at Westminster Abbey in 2011.

Harry and Meghan are a couple who are embracing what it means to be royal in the twenty-first century! This is why they’re becoming one of the most loved pairs in Britain and across the commonwealth. They’ve already broken royal wedding tradition through their choice of bridesmaids, wedding escort and even their flavour of cake!

In this modern age, we’re able to collectively shrug our shoulders at the foundations that make the ‘perfect royal couple’, because after all there is no such thing as ‘perfect’. We never believed that Prince Harry known for his roguish, bad boy behaviour would ever settle down. His beautiful bride Meghan may be divorced, mixed-race and American but she brings to Britain a breath of fresh air that is needed to revitalise the ancient institutions surrounding the monarchy. The couple who both represent different paths allow the Royal family to replicate a realistic image of modern British families, in a union which will be viewed worldwide.

But how can the British public celebrate this highly anticipated event? Windsor and Eton brewery, just a stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle have just the thing. The brewery is thrilled to once again play a part in the Royal nuptials, with ‘Harry and Meghan’s Windsor Knot’ being a craft ale which acts as the sequel to the limited edition beer made for Prince Harry’s older brother William’s wedding to Kate Middleton.

Windsor and Eton have put a lot of thought into creating a flawless ale which reflects the personalities of both parties. The Windsor Knot embodies elements of the British and American craft beer scene. It was inspired by the couple’s first public appearance together at the Invictus Games in Toronto last year. They’ve decided to marry British hops called Invicta in recognition of Prince Harry’s role in creating the Invictus Games, with some impeccable American West Coast hops to represent Meghan’s American nationality. This beer is finished off with champagne yeast giving it that extra special, bubbly feel.

The brewery has even considered the bottle design of this pale ale by incorporating the Union Jack alongside the Stars and Stripes of the US flag. They’ve even presented the interlocking male and female symbols on the label to reflect that the marriage is one of strength and empowerment. Both the pair openly support causes that they feel deeply about such as; environment, equal rights and rehabilitation of injured service men and women.

I suppose we’re all a little bit gutted that the wedding falls on a Saturday— I’m sure we’d have all loved another bank holiday. But you can still celebrate in style with a taste of British craft beer.

Harry and Meghan’s Windsor Knot is available in 330 ml of 4.5% ABV and also in cask at 4%, so with subdued strengths like that nobody will be getting royally wasted, either.  Check out our website to get your hands on something special, don’t just settle for a commemorative tea towel or coffee mug.

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