5 Reasons You Should Never Buy British Beer.

We spend a great deal of our time pioneering the ethos that British beer is brilliant. The genuine love we have for our beer (shown by the amount we drink ourselves) means that sometimes we're so busy revelling in the rise of the British brewer, we don't hear the naysayers.

Here at Best of British Beer HQ, we're always trying to stay on the ball. So in this latest blog post its time to finally address them. We’re going to set up, and then knock down, some of the most common misconceptions we hear about the beer being brewed here in Blighty.


“All the best beer is imported.”

After experiencing two years of continued growth, Britain now has more breweries per person than anywhere in the World. There are a massive 1,424 breweries across the UK, after 204 opened in the past year, according to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA).

According to Community Pubs Minister Marcus Jones, the recent growth in the British market means that we’ve returned to our rightful role as a global brewing powerhouse. All those breweries don’t exist for no reason, we brew some World renowned beer right here in Britain!


“British beer all tastes the same.”

Actually, British brewers produce over 6,000 different ales on a regular basis. There are many different styles of real ale, varying from fresh, crisp pale and golden ales to rich, dark stouts and porters. With so many beers on offer it is almost impossible to find something that doesn’t match your taste preferences, there’s something to suit almost everyone!

British ale is an incredible diverse market, but if you’re not sure which type you like, why not let someone else do the hard work for you and order a mixed case of real ales handpicked from across the UK? http://goo.gl/diwReq


It’s far too expensive compared to imported beers.”

Whilst some of the high end and more sought after beers can be quite pricey, not all British beer will leave you penniless. You can find cases for a steal at £25 for 12 bottles, that’s as little as £2 a beer!

That said, sometimes it’s important to consider the quality of the beer instead of the price. Whilst popular imported brands may be cheaper, they’re catered to appeal to the masses. This usually means a more generic, subtle taste. On the other hand, proper British beer is carefully crafted to achieve the right flavours and finish, producing some really rewarding results. Spending those extra few pounds doesn’t sound so bad now does it?


“Drinking beer is just for old men, it isn’t cool!”'

Whilst alcohol consumption in the UK is generally on a downward spiral, in 2015 the beer industry experienced its largest growth in 20 years. In fact, we’re currently experiencing an 80-year high in the amount of active breweries that are producing beer. Real ale’s and craft beers are definitely on trend right now, even celebrities such as Alexa Chung have been spotted drinking a pint in venue’s like London’s Camden Town Brewery!

If you’d like to sample some of Camden Town Brewery’s signature beers for yourself, you can order some here: http://goo.gl/mx1sAO


“You have to choose between beer and food, it’s no good for a meal.”

Wrong. Leading beer sommeliers agree that beer can be paired with food just as well as wine can due to the sheer variety available. Whether it’s for a summer barbecue (New World IPA), a hearty roast beef (Ruby Ale) or a drink to be served at the end of a meal with a cheeseboard (Imperial Stout), beer and food go hand in hand.

Check out this handy tool for pairing the perfect drink for your food: http://goo.gl/dyyG8P


So there you have it, we’ve conclusively proved once again that British beer is brilliant. Its affordable, there’s a pint to suit any taste, and you can even drink it with your evening meal.

Our products are all specifically selected to become part of our range after rigorous research and testing. As a result, we can proudly say that each one stands testament to the premium quality and dexterity of the beer our little nation produces.

We’d say that’s another point to us, naysayers!

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