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  • Craft Beer Cans for Festivals

    craft beer cans

    Ever thought about adding craft beer cans to your festival essentials list? It’s that time of year where you bash the mud off last year’s wellies, air out your tent and give your sleeping bag a shake— whether you’re heading to Glastonbury, V Festival or Bestival this summer, the festival season is upon us!

    Now, everyone is always thinking of creative ways to smuggle alcohol into campsites with restrictions on glass going in and out of the sites. Gone are the days of seizing a crate of lager for a tenner and lugging it three miles from the supposed ‘drop off’ point to your rough and ready temporary home. Instead, we find ourselves pouring glass bottles carefully into plastics whilst trying not to spill a drop of that ever important festival juice.

    But don’t forget the rules between different festivals on alcohol consumption are ever-changing. I’ve always been under the impression that you can take in whatever you can carry or what you feel is deemed ‘appropriate’— a wheelbarrow full of cans is acceptable, right? But no, make sure you check the specifics; for some festivals, you’re limited to just 8 cans per person! Which isn’t a lot over a whole weekend of live music, UV paint and a makeshift bed under a canvas shelter.

    So imagine this…it’s raining (of course it would be in British summertime), you’ve lost your mates (which is bound to happen at least once) and you’re craving a nice beer (I can’t promise you it’ll be cold). Which of your favourite breweries is going to be your hero? Here’s just five of our brewery partners that will be your best friend this festival season.

    Allendale Brewery

    craft beer cans

    Some might say that Allendale Brewery is based in a very remote location but it’s as well-connected as any with a vision that bursts with enthusiasm. If you’re going to grab a case of craft beer cans for your next festival consider Allendale. Their brew ‘Wayfarer’ is a pale ale with a thirst-quenching peachy taste— why not pick an award-winning brew for an amazing time?

    The Brew Foundation

    Craft beer cans

    The Brew Foundation is a father and son venture based in Sheffield. At the Brew Foundation, their goal is to ensure that each beer they make leaves people wanting another pint of it— so it’s definitely a must if you’ll be throwing a crate in the tent for the weekend. We’d recommend ‘Hop and Glory’ for a hoppy and tropical IPA that is incredibly moreish.

    Bude Brewery

    craft beer cans

    If you’re heading to Boardmasters Festival (8th-12th August) this year why not embrace Cornwall even further by taking Cornwall based, Bude Brewery’s craft beer cans with you? You could be singing along to George Ezra with a brew known for its fierce reputation and unique taste. Golden ale ‘Summerleaze’ comes highly suggested with its honey aftertaste which is perfect for summer’s day.

    Mobberley Brewhouse

    craft beer cans

    Taking on Parklife this year? Then Mobberley is the perfect choice for this one as it’s based not far from the infamous music. To make your day extra special why not buy your own share in Referendum Brewery which gives you an opportunity to create your own brew just for you festival day out? Or if you’re wanting just a couple beers to make you a little wobbly check out Mobberley’s ‘Batch 1000’ which weighs in at 10% ABV (note: if you want to remember seeing Liam Gallagher then don’t have too many of these!)

    Williams Bros. Brewing Co

    craft beer cans

    This Scottish brewery prides themselves on supplying beer that reflects its exceptional historical origins! So if you’re looking to take make a little history at your next festival why not take a beer with you which encompasses years of tradition. We’d recommend the IPA hybrid ‘Caesar Augustus’ which adopts the crisp and refreshing taste of a fine lager.


    So if you’re heading towards a weekend of musical fun this summer why not round off the experience with some sensational craft beer cans? At Best of British Beer, we sell a number of festival-friendly beers available in slabs— perfect for carrying into camp. Or if you feel like being a little fancier our products such as a Yard of Ale or Pail of Ale will suit your needs perfectly. Cheers to an unforgettable weekend!

    craft beer cans Yard of Ale
    craft beer cans Pail of Ales
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