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Goat's Leap

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Cheddar Ales Goat's Leap IPA

Immerse yourself in the rich flavours and full-bodied experience of the Goat's Leap IPA from Cheddar Ales. This is not just a beer, it's a journey into the heart of traditional British brewing.

A Strong, Flavourful IPA

Goat's Leap is a robust IPA with a strong ABV of 5.7%. This is a beer that doesn't shy away from making its presence known. It's a huge beer, full of flavour and body, perfect for those who appreciate a beer with character.

Quality Ingredients for a Fresh Pint Flavour

Like all Cheddar Ales, Goat's Leap is crafted using only the finest natural ingredients. This commitment to quality ensures that every bottle recreates that fresh pint flavour at home. It's a taste of the pub, right in your living room.

Case Size and Bottle Conditioning

Each case of Goat's Leap contains 12 x 500ml bottles of bottle-conditioned real ale. Bottle conditioning is a traditional method of carbonation, where the beer is allowed to naturally carbonate in the bottle. This results in a finer, more natural carbonation and a more complex flavour profile.

Buy Cheddar Ales Goat's Leap Today

Experience the bold flavours and full-bodied experience of Goat's Leap IPA from Cheddar Ales. Available to buy online now from Best of British Beer. Don't miss out on this taste of traditional British brewing.

More Information
Size 500ml
Beer Style IPA
Bottle Conditioned Yes
Strength ( ABV) > 5%
Beer Colour Pale
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