Windsor & Eton

The town of Windsor was once famous for brewing, but when Burge’s Brewery closed its doors in 1931, it brought to an end a 300 year old tradition.

Paddy, Bob, Jim and Willie began the installation of brewing equipment on St. David's Day, March 1st 2010 and by 23rd April 2010, St George’s Day, their beers were on sale in local pubs. Some 79 years after the closure of Windsor’s last brewery, local beer was back. Their ambition is simple – to make Windsor famous again as a brewer of some of the finest and most talked about brews in the country.

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Mixed styles 12 bottles
Best Bitter 12 x 500ml
Black IPA 12 x 500ml
Golden Ale 12 x 500ml
Golden Bitter 12 x 330ml
Pilsner 12 x 330ml
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