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Traction Cider

Traction Cider - Steam Crafted Cider

Hello! We're Traction Cider, a small family cider maker with a passion for a product that‘s real, authentic and uniquely crafted using the power of steam. Our ‘Dabinett’ and ‘Michelin’ apples are all sourced from a small idyllic green orchard in the heart of Herefordshire which deliver the perfect blend of sweet and bitterness in our classic west-country style still cider, “Tickover”.

Our little 'Burrell' steam traction engine powers a self-made apple mill which munches through our carefully selected batch of cider apples, before pressing the apples and fermenting the 100% juice naturally over the cold winter months, using only the yeasts found within the apple skins. You’ll not find any added sugar here either!

To make sure we’re minimising our impact, the engine runs on synthetic ‘e-coal’ which produces up to 40% less CO2 than conventional coal.

Being a small-batch cider maker, we pride ourselves on keeping a close eye on progress throughout the winter, making minor adjustments where needed. The full yet authentic flavour is produced by naturally slowing the fermentation, giving the yeasts time to impart their unique character on the cider.

“Tickover” is perfect for fans of real cider, where each bottle has a unique story to tell.

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