Lacons Brewery

In 2013 the Falcon Brewery opened it's doors and Lacons returned to brew in Great Yarmouth after a break of 45 years. The three new beers - Encore, Legacy and Affinity - were launched to great acclaim on both sides of the bar and a new chapter began for this historic brewery.

Fast forward a few years and Lacons is yet again a familiar sight on the bar. With a sheaf of awards to its name and accolades from around the world, Lacons is very much part of the UK brewing scene again.

Although the new brewery employs modern-day brewing methods and state of the art equipment, our malted Norfolk barley is bought in from a specialist producer down the road rather than roasted on site and our hops are sourced from around the world, the Lacons team of 2018 are just as fastidious about producing a quality pint as their predecessors from 250 years ago. We still use the original Lacons yeast, which was archived in Norwich when the original brewery was closed in 1968, and which instils every brew with over 250 years of heritage.

With 27 ales (and one lager) across four ranges, we’ve been very busy over the past few years. Our core collection offers an ale to appeal to all consumers, from the steadfast brown bitter drinker to the experimental drinker. The success of Encore, our flagship best bitter, has made it our best-selling cask ale to date and we are building on that success with a new crafted keg range which is ideal for bringing traditionally-inspired ale to the chilled beer and lager market.

Our award winning range includes our amber beer Encore, our blonde ale Legacy and our craft beers Quell IPA and hoppy hybrid lager, Steam.

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4.8% Premium Bitter
3.8% Golden Ale
4.4% Blonde Ale
5.4% IPA
4% Lager
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