Craft Cans

Over the last couple of years, there's been a real surge in popularity of canned beer. Gone are the days of metallic tasting mass produced ales and lagers, now replaced with a fantastic range of flavoursome brews in a huge range of styles and strengths.

As well as being lighter and easier to ship, our cans are all 'fridge friendly' and perfect for any occasion. Cans are so popular that some breweries have stopped bottling altogether, preferring this method of selling their beers.

Perfect if you're looking for beer to take to a festival or garden party

Like all of our products, the canned beers can be delivered on a Next Day Delivery service and we'll cover the courier costs if you order two or more cases.

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3 x 330ml cans
12 x 330ml Craft Cans
6 x330ml Craft Cans
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