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Craft Lager Gift 9 x 330ml Bottles
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Product Description

The Ultimate Crate of Craft Lager!  

9 x 330ml in a Wooden Crate: £41.50

This is a cool lager gift, exclusive to Best of British Beer and guaranteed to impress anyone who loves a crisp, refreshing British Craft lager!

Each wooden crate is handmade and printed with a Union Jack and the words 'Best of British Beer'.  It holds 9 x 330 ml bottles of craft lager, but the dividers just slip out and you can then put any size bottles in. 

Our craft lager selection is regularly updated, and the crate will typically contain beers such as

  • Allendale, Northumberland
  • Freedom, Staffordshire
  • Holts, Manchester
  • Wrexham Lager- the UK's first lager
  • Tomos Watkins, Swansea
  • Curious Brew, Kent
  • Keltek, Cornwall
  • Bootleg, Manchester
  • Thornbridge, Derbyshire
  • Williams Bros, Scotland

The word lager is German for storage or warehouse. To be a proper lager it should be cold fermented and matured at low temperatures for a few weeks. This creates a clean, crisp flavour which is super refreshing. The carbonation should be natural so it's enjoyably refreshing and tongue tingly. 

All the lagers in this collection are craft lagers, matured for weeks rather than days, as the UK's best selling lager is.

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Additional Information

Bottle Size 330ml
Beer Style Lager
Bottle Conditioned No
Strength ( ABV) Mixed
Brewery Location Various
Gluten Free or Vegetarian? No
Beer Colour Pale