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Vegan Beers

Welcome to our much-loved collection of vegan beers, where quality meets ethical brewing. Our selection offers a wide range of friendly beverages sourced across Britain. We've partnered with independent breweries to bring you lagers, ales, and more, all crafted without the use of animal products.

Each beer is selected for its unique taste and brewing method, ensuring a diverse and satisfying experience for every drinker - browse the selection below for the full range.

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4 Items

Quality vegan beers from independent breweries

Our commitment to quality and ethics is reflected in our range. Sourced from respected independent locations across Britain, our friendly selection includes everything from light, refreshing lagers to rich, complex ales.

Each brewery ensures flavours are achieved through animal-friendly means.

Looking for the ideal present for a beer enthusiast? Our beer gift sets are the answer. These sets provide a curated experience, featuring a variety of styles and flavours to suit every palate. Each beer gift set is thoughtfully assembled, showcasing the diversity of friendly options available. Whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just because, a beer gift set from our selection is sure to impress.

Explore vegan-friendly lagers and ales

Understanding what makes our vegan beers special starts with the brewing process. Our partner breweries across England employ innovative methods to ensure their beers are vegan-friendly. This includes the substitution of traditional fining agents with vegan alternatives to clarify the beer without using animal by-products. The result is a clear, pure, and flavourful vegan beer that maintains a high ABV and rich taste. Every step, from selecting the yeast to the final bottling, is conducted with vegan standards in mind, ensuring that every sip supports ethical brewing practices.

Our vegan-friendly range goes beyond just answering "which beers are vegan" – it opens the door to a rich collection of vegan beers. From crisp lagers to full-bodied ales, we have it all. These breweries have mastered the art of brewing exceptional vegan beers without compromising on the taste or quality that beer lovers expect. Dive into our selection and discover vegan-friendly lagers and ales that are as satisfying as they are ethical, each brewed to meet the highest standards with the finest vegan ingredients.

Why choose our vegan beers

Choosing our beers means more than just enjoying a drink; it's a choice to support ethical and sustainable practices across Britain. Whether you're a seasoned individual or someone exploring friendly options, our beers offer a welcoming journey into the world of ethical, enjoyable drinking experiences.

Vegan beer FAQs

Are all your beers suitable for vegans?
Yes, all our beers in this range are suitable. We ensure that every ale, lager, and IPA in our selection meets strict standards, from the brewing process to the final product.

Why are some beers hazy?

The hazy appearance in some beers, especially in certain ales and IPAs, is natural and often intentional, resulting from the brewing process and ingredients. This haze is associated with juicy and flavourful profiles. Our selection includes these types without using animal-derived fining agents, preserving their authentic hazy characteristics. If you're after a delicious hazy IPA, you're in the right place to buy.

Can vegans enjoy dark beers as well?

Yes, our range includes friendly dark beers. These brews maintain the rich, smooth flavours of traditional to dark beers without using any animal products.

Where can I buy your beers?

You can buy our beers directly from our website. Check our online store to view the full selection and purchase options, making it the ideal place to buy your next favourite brew.

How do you ensure your beers are vegan?

We work closely with our locations to ensure every step of the brewing process is friendly. This includes the elimination of animal-derived products and the use of alternative, plant-based ingredients.

Are your hazy and juicy IPAs also vegan?

Yes, all our IPAs, including the hazy and juicy varieties, are friendly. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse selection that caters to all tastes while adhering to principles.