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Gluten Free Beer

Gluten-Free Beers & Gifts

Welcome to our dedicated gluten-free beer section, featuring a selected range from Britain's best independent breweries. For those with gluten intolerance, coeliacs or people who simply prefer the taste without it - choosing the right beer often starts with the question “Which beers are gluten-free?” With Best of British Beer’s range, you will find delicious beers, all of which are gluten-free, so you can browse to your heart’s content.

To be classed as gluten free, a beer needs to have no more than 20 parts per million of gluten and all the GF beers on our site meet that criteria.

Take a look at our popular selection below and find the right gluten-free beer for your tastebuds.

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5 Items

Gluten-free craft beer, full of taste

Our gluten-free beer range is a testament to the skill of British brewers who have mastered the art of crafting beers without wheat, barley, or rye. Each gluten-free beer in our selection is brewed to perfection, maintaining the full flavour profile that beer enthusiasts cherish. We are proud to offer gluten-free beers that have been extensively tasted and tested, ensuring they meet the strictest standards for both safety and taste.

Whether you're coeliac or simply looking to reduce your gluten intake, our selection of gluten-free beers offers something for everyone. From light, refreshing lagers to robust, flavourful ales, each beer is brewed with the same care and attention to detail expected from the UK's top breweries. Our gluten-free beers are not only safe for those with gluten sensitivities but are also a delight to the senses, with each brew bringing its unique character and flavour.

There are essentially two ways to make GF beer. The most common method is to brew the beer by the standard process, using barley. An enzyme is then added towards the end of the brewing process and this removes all but the tiniest amount of gluten. The other way is to substitute barley in the brewing process with another starchy product e.g. rice or buckwheat.

We believe that everyone should enjoy the best of British brewing, which is why our gluten-free beer selection is inclusive, diverse and most importantly, delicious.

A number of our brewery partners have focussed on GF beer and Cheddar Ales from Somerset, Manchester based First Chop and Evan Evans brewery in south Wales have a full range of beers that suit coeliacs. So whether it’s a crisp lager, or a dark, malty stout you like, we’re sure to have something to tickle your tastebuds.

Find a personalised gluten-free beer gift

Our personalised gifts section uniquely celebrates those who prefer gluten-free beers due to coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. Customise a pub sign on our famous Pub at Home, gluten-free beer, or go for a bespoke hamper filled with a selection of some of the finest gluten-free beers Britain has to offer, each meticulously tasted and chosen for their rich flavour and quality. These thoughtful, personalised gifts provide a tailored experience for those who enjoy the unique tastes of gluten-free beers.

Browse our selection of gluten-free beers to create the perfect personalised gift for your loved ones, ensuring they can enjoy the full, satisfying flavour of the best gluten-free beers the UK has to offer.

Gluten-free beers crafted in the UK

Each beer in our gluten-free selection has been carefully tasted to ensure it meets our high standards of quality and flavour. These gluten-free beers are perfect for those looking to enjoy a pint without worrying about gluten. Whether for a special occasion or a casual get-together, our gluten-free beers provide a safe, enjoyable option for everyone, especially for those with coeliac disease.

Find the perfect gift for yourself or a special someone

Dive into our selection of gluten-free beers and discover the full, satisfying flavour of UK-brewed beers without the gluten. Our range offers something for every taste and occasion, allowing everyone to enjoy the best of gluten-free brewing. Browse our selection today and find your new favourite gluten-free beer that doesn't compromise on taste or quality.

If you need any clarification on GF beers, or just want some advice on which products to choose, just give us a call on 01782 405472 and we’ll be happy to talk you through our range.