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Father's Day Beer Gifts

Father's Day Beer Gifts

Dads and beer is a lifelong partnership Father's Day, on 16th June, is fast approaching - so if you're searching for gift inspiration, look no further. Forget the standard comedy socks or aftershave this year. Instead, choose the perfect present of beer, sure to bring a genuine smile to your Dad's face.

At Best of British Beer, we offer the largest selection of Father's Day beer gifts, suitable for every beer-loving Dad. From a three-pack to a bumper box filled with award-winning beers or lagers, we have something that will make this Father's Day memorable. For dads who lean more towards cider, we've also got you covered with gifts that promise to hit the mark.

Items 1 - 24 of 29
Items 1 - 24 of 29

Tailored gifts for every Dad

Does your dad shine as the ultimate curry chef or fancy himself a BBQ ninja? Our Curry House and Staying Inn gifts pair perfectly with these culinary passions. For Dads who love the great outdoors, our craft beer collection is the perfect present to help them unwind after a run or bike ride.

Excitingly new for 2024, we introduce Britain's first reusable cardboard beer chiller, revolutionising the way craft beer is enjoyed. Simply open the top, add ice, and your Dad can enjoy perfectly chilled craft beer within minutes, making it a novel and practical Father's Day beer gift.

To ensure your perfect present reaches your dad in time, we've extended our last orders to 6pm on Friday, 14th June. Select 'Saturday Delivery' when you choose your gift, and we'll dispatch it on a Saturday delivery with DHL, ready to raise a glass to your Dad this Father's Day.

Our range of Father's Day beer gifts offers a variety of choices to surprise and delight your dad. Whether he's a traditional ale enthusiast, a lager lover, or a cider connoisseur, our selection provides the perfect gift to fit his taste. Our range ensures that every Dad can find his new favourite brew, turning this Father's Day into a celebration he won't forget.

Last beer orders for Father’s Day

By choosing the perfect gift from our range and selecting Saturday Delivery, you secure a Father’s Day filled with joy and surprises. Find a range of our amazing beers below, or browse our curated cases selection here for beer by region and more.