4 Pint Magnum of Beer

Just the One beer tonight

Product Description

The Best of British Beer Four Pint Magnum  is the perfect craft beer gift. 

Ideal when you want to make a statement for a beery Valentine's, Fathers Day or birthday present.

The magnum holds 2 litres (nearly 4 pints) of 4.5% pale ale and has a swing top lid so the bottle can be closed if they don't manage to drink it all at once!

The beer is an award winning pale, golden ale. brewed in Staffordshire.

 Choose from a range of exclusive  label designs:

Just the One Beer Tonight

Warning: Could Cause Dad Dancing


The Daddy of all Beers



Additional Information

Bottle Size 2litre
Beer Style Pale & Blonde
Bottle Conditioned No
Strength ( ABV) 4.0% - 4.5%
Brewery Location Staffordshire
Gluten Free or Vegetarian? No
Beer Colour Pale