Wooden Crate of Craft Beer

We launched Best of British Beer in 2011 with some simple aims :

  • Help beer drinkers enjoy those 'hard to find' beers
  • Make it easy to buy amazing beer gifts
  • Support small independent brewers
  • Have lots of fun 
Our aims haven't really changed since that day. We've sampled a lot of beer and met some brilliantly skilled brewers. There is no better feeling than doing something you love and we get real satisfaction in launching new products and discovering new beers to share with you. 

If you want to find out a bit more about who we are and why we launched, please read on. We're very social and love showing where we've been on our beer buying trips and new brews the team are currently enjoying, so please keep in touch. We also like to find out what beers you've discovered as we're always on the lookout for new brewery partners. 
The Stats
  • We've featured over 500 breweries since we launched
  • We've sold more than 2 million bottles of beer -That's enough beer to fill 3 Olympic Swimming pools
  • We were the first UK company to launch a beer advent calendar
  • Our Award Winners 12 Pack has been our best selling case for 8 consecutive years
  • We have over 90 different beer and cider gift packs

The Team
Launched by Will & Gill in 2011 it's a family business with Will's sister Sara also part of the board and Gill's mum Kath always on hand to help at busy times. 

Kieran, our manager is our resident beer geek and with a masters in Chemistry understands more about the brewing process and what makes a good beer than all of us put together. HIs favourite beer is Witbier from Stonehouse. 

Amy manages all our administration, keeps us organised and is fabulous at designing new products. All those hours shopping are not in vain. She's our best Cider sampler.

Tom looks after our websites and is our creative genius. He's also a composer so he's in charge of Spotify when we can get Kieran to relinquish control. Tom loves anything by Arbor, particularly Blue Sky Drinking. 

Emily is our admin trainee and the newest member of the team. She'll muck in and help with all tasks with a smile. She's looking forward to being 18 to take advantage of our free beer perk. 

Ryon our warehouseman only joined in October 2018 but has already become a bit of a beer expert and we don't know what we did without him. He's been converted from mainstream lager to IPA and Wit Bier. 

Our Journey so far

Will and Gill enjoyed successful corporate careers, but were were keen to do something more fun and with a product they would be really proud to work with. We're not saying insurance wasn't exciting, we're just putting it out there that we have a lot more visitors now! 
So, in 2011 we popped along to Lymestone Brewery and bought 5 cases of beer and set about building up a website with no web skills whatsoever. We're keen amateurs though so six months later and after a lot of stressing, we made our first sale to someone we didn't know via our brand new website. 

This was all from our dining table and shed so a few months of tripping over boxes we took the plunge and got our first warehouse. The 'Bunke'r as it was known was a small storage room with no windows but we were very proud. We doubled in size several times over the next couple of years and now we're in our own 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse with lots of room and offices. We still call it the 'Bunker' though.  

One of the things we quickly noticed was that half our customers were buying beer as gifts. We set about making some changes based on what we would want if we were buying a gift. 

  • Gift packaging
  • Free gift note
  • Opportunity to select a delivery date
  • Curated cases so you can select a style or theme of beer.
These options are all still really popular so we've kept them even though it can make busy times even busier. If it's important to you then it's important to us. At heart, we're still that start up that would make a 50 mile round trip to make sure someone got their urgent beer order. 

Fast forward 8 years and we're now proud to not only supply thousands of lovely customers through our site but to work with Funky Pigeon, Selfridges, Waitrose and QVC, delivering a better glass of beer throughout the UK and beyond.