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Christmas 6 Pack
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Christmas 6 Pack



The Best of British Beer Christmas gift pack includes 6 x 500 ml bottles of quality British beer.

Hand picked from a selection of our most popular award winning micro breweries, this will give you a taste of the Best of British beer.

This year, we've had 3 beers brewed exclusively for us, so we guarantee that these are pretty unusual beers. 

We have a wide range of Christmas beers- around 20 limited edition beers. The widest range online or in any store. 

Include one of our branded beer glasses to complete the gift.

Each case of beer is delivered in a branded box but if you would like to upgrade it to a very special gift. we can add 3 more beers and send it in a rustic wooden crate. Printed in a retro Christmas sweater style, it also has the words HO HO HO! along the bottom.


The beers will be from a selection such as: 

Leek Brewery - Rockin Robin 

Monty's - Ding Dong

Conway - Hoppy Christmas

Hop Studio - Noel in Christmas

Northern - Santa's Slide

Cheddar Ales - Festive Totty

George Wright - Reindeer's Revenge

West Berkshire - Yule Fuel

Nobby's - Hoppy Christmas

Titanic - Plum Porter

See our 12 pack for the full listing

A hand written christmas gift can be included with each box, simply tell us what you would like to say at the checkout in the gift options. 

Please Note: Christmas Beers are arriving the 1st week in November and will be shipped after this date