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We created The Best of British Beer in August 2011 as a tribute to one of this country's most popular and traditional industries. We have grown the business since inception and we currently trade out of a new warehouse in North Staffordshire. This will be our third new home in less than 3 years, we've come quite a long way from using our garden shed as a store room and our dining room table as a packing area.

We are a small, but growing independent company with a passion for British beer and an ever increasing list of brewery partners. We don't supply mass produced beers from big breweries that you would normally find on the High Street and you won't find our beers fighting for space on supermarket shelves. We've got over 250 brewery partners from Orkney to southern Cornwall and everywhere inbetween.

I’ve always had a passion for real ale despite being brought up in the 1980s when all my friends were potty about cheap foreign lager. Gill originally hails from Scotland and had her real ale epiphany at The George in Eccleshall when she tasted her first pint of Top Totty– she hasn’t looked back since. We both have differing tastes in beer, I prefer the goden, hoppy beers while Gill is partial to a darker, stronger ale.

Best of British Beer wouldn't exist without the help and commitment of our wonderful team who share our passion for Britain's best beers. Sara is in charge of all the administration and accounts and trying to keep Will in check. Kieran is our Warehouse Manager, responsible for all the stock and the packing and stacking when he is not busy brewing his own beer ! Lauren runs the creative side of the business and  produces our very popular personalised labels. Richard and Marty are the most laid back couple you could hope to meet and they help out around the warehouse and organise deliveries. When Lizzie is not studying pharmacology at Bath University, she is a dab hand with a camera and regularly updates the website. The newest addition to the team is Hayden, or Little Bob, Cider Man, H or Little Ted as he is also known. He has settled in really well and is enjoying the responsibility that comes with looking after 20,000 bottles of beer.

We don't just send out bottles of beer, we will try to enhance your drinking experience by including literature on the breweries, supplying you with tasting notes, a free pub quiz and your own Best of British beer mats.

Our team look forward to welcoming you to the Best of British Beer, whether you are a regular subscriber or a one off customer looking for that special beer gift.



Will & Gill

Will and Gill Sherwin